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The prism


Colorado Mesa University, and especially the Grand Junction community overall, includes a great deal of people with a great deal of music tastes. As a radio station, our goal is to play music that our audience likes. However, it would be impossible to play every genre that piques the interest of locals. Because of this, it’s often easier for DJs to just play what they like and hope the audience follows.


This is the case for The Prism, a classic rock and 90s alternative station that airs every Tuesday at 5 p.m.


The Prism was created in 2018 by Skyler Frieling; it is the third radio show project he’s developed since he began DJing for KMSA in 2015. Spring 2019, Skyler expanded his show to include co-host Clay Johnson. Clay brought with him a taste for stoner rock and metal music which allows the show to cater to an additional audience.

The co-host as of fall 2019 is Brenna Rhiness, she plans to educate Frieling on early 2000's rock and metalcore. 


The Prism is the coolest show around.” Frieling said. “It caters to people who played a lot of Guitar Hero when they were kids. That’s where I started listening to this music.”


If you’re a fan of rock already this is a great station to hear more from the artists you love. And if you’re new to the rock scene, The Prism will give you the perfect taste of the genre that is sure to get you hooked!