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the puntastic event of the century


At KMSA we like to have a lot of fun. We enjoy playing fun music and keeping our station a light and joyful environment for employees and listeners alike. One of our radio shows that has arguably the most fun is The Puntastic Event of the Century.


Hosted by Melissa Nickle, this show is about all things funny. Her show features clever pickup lines and quick-witted conversation.


“I make myself laugh!” Melissa said about the jokes she tells on air.


Aside from the jokes she makes, the music Melissa plays is also entertaining. The Puntastic Event of the Century accents its humor with country music and the occasional Irish tune.


Whether you’re looking for jokes to brighten your day or country music to cruise around town to, we’re confident Melissa’s show will have what you’re looking for!


Listen to The Puntastic Event of the Century at noon on Fridays for easy listening and extra laughs.