KMSA Jam band? yes, please!


Music is everywhere for KMSA employees. We play music on our shows, listen to music on the way to hosting our shows and some even play music when they’re not doing either of those things.


Several of our DJs and managers are musically talented. We have vocalists, guitar and bass players as well as a few other instrument abilities all within our roster. One of the goals that KMSA has always had is bringing our musical talents together to create a band of our own.


The KMSA Jam Band has been a concept long in the works. Though it is still in fruition, there is no shortage of talent to be contributed to the band once it happens.


“One day we’re gonna do it,” Operations Manager Skyler Frieling said.


We’ll be sure to let our listeners know when the Jam Band comes together, but in the meantime, tune into our station for music that’s a little further along in the production process than ours is.