cd city


Like most radio stations, KMSA has a lot of music. Our computers are jam-packed with quality tunes to blast through your speakers. Though our computers and automation have many of the greatest and most popular songs, albums and artists, our CD selection isn’t necessarily all well-known.


KMSA originally played music strictly off of CDs until our technology was upgraded and we could play songs more easily from computers. Since our origins, the station has acquired a massive selection of CDS. Many CDs are of well-known bands such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. However, we also have music from less popular artists.


KMSA subscribes to a service which sends us a regular supply of music from up-and-coming artists. We also receive a lot of music from bands themselves looking for more exposure. Since our address is public knowledge, we’ve gotten a fair amount of CDs from hopeful bands… some of which are a little out there.


KMSA always looks forward to the thrill of popping in a new CD and bracing ourselves for what we think is about to come through the speakers. And to be honest, often our original assumptions about a band’s music based off of their name and album cover are totally wrong.


This excitement about music is why we still look forward to those CD submissions. Yes, we have a ginormous supply of CDs in our station already, but every artist deserves the chance to have their big break on air; a moment we would love to potentially be a part of.